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Building the Future While Restoring the Past

Before assembly line mass production, handcrafted automobiles defined an era of human accomplishment. In the same way that turn-of-the-century buildings reveal the talented craftsmanship of dozens of tradespeople and artisans, cars also showcase the skills of their creators.

From the tires to the roof, each automobile from the early 20th century reveals a bounding leap in human potential.

Unfortunately, over time, these rare masterpieces are disappearing.

Endangered Antiquities

Across the country, once-elegant automobiles that defined a generation are slowly rusting into oblivion. Rain and time erode the fine velvet, wool, steel frames, engines, and gilded accents of historic engineering accomplishments. Without intervention, these rare antiquities face inevitable destruction.

There were very few of these cars produced from this time. So, finding and restoring Brass and Classic Era cars presents enormous challenges. Besides the battle against natural elements that corrode historic vehicles, the great World Wars consumed the steel scrap of any available vehicle as contributions toward ammunition stockpiles. If the war machine didn’t gobble them, many remaining early 20th century cars end up salvaged for parts, pieces cannibalized to sustain another vehicle.

Investment for the Future

Today, preserving these important historic timepieces requires patience, skill, and incredible financial investment. It is almost as rare to find these vehicles as it is to find someone willing to commit to the cause of restoration and ongoing preservation.

In 2012, Jack Boyd Smith, Jr. began his collection initiative in earnest. The JBS Collection spans many automotive-production periods but focuses on the preservation of rare vehicles, particularly those from the early 20th century Brass and Classic eras.

Restoration Process

When The JBS Collection acquires an auto that requires repair, it engages the expertise of LaVine Restorations, one of the premier automotive restoration teams in the nation. The team begins the process with exhaustive research to identify every part, process, and material required to accurately rebuild the auto to time period (meaning month and year of production) accuracy.
With the research complete, the team of experts commences the restoration process. Skilled handcrafters with expertise in early 20th-century machining, leatherworking, metalworking, sewing, and engineering contribute to the rehabilitation of every inch of the vehicle from the ground up.

Enjoy The JBS Collection

Today, Jack’s team has saved more than fifty rare, historic vehicles from oblivion, with more to come. While The JBS Collection is private, Jack hopes to share the significance of these consequential autos with the public through public showcase events, online education, and the occasional community parade.
By doing so, The JBS Collection serves a small but essential part in preserving automotive history for generations to come.

The Latest from The JBS Collection

Cars Owned by Famous People

Cars Owned by Famous People

Here at The JBS Collection, we’ve got nothing but absolute love for all of our automobiles. We’re not the first ones to appreciate them, though, and chances are good that you’ve heard of some of the people who previously owned some of our fantastic vehicles. Important world figures and luminaries of the screen and stage are among the prior owners of several automobiles in The JBS Collection.

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